After passing all of its system tests, the first Economizer SE in the UK has been commissioned!

Biogas Systems GmbH of Austria and Future Biogas Systems Ltd (a subsidiary of Future Biogas Ltd) commissioned the first Economizer SE inthe UK at Rainworth Energy AD plant in Nottinghamshire.


The Economizer SE, a front end process system which unlocks the full digestible capacity of materials with high levels of lignin, has the potential to revolutionize the way biogas is produced. The system opens up materials such as wheat straw and soiled straw bedding fordigestion, using only limited amounts of electricity and some high-grade heat.  This allows the average unit to replace around 19,000 tonnes of purpose-grown crop with 7,500 tonnes of wheat straw, representing a potential annual saving to an AD plant of around £500k per annum depending on local feedstock availability.

Philipp Lukas, MD and founder of Future Biogas Ltd, stated: “We are very pleased with the system, and since signing a distribution agreement for the UK last year we have been busy engaging with the market. Now that the first Economizer is up and running, there are several more in the pipeline in the next few months that we are working to deliver.”

The Economizer is set to revolutionise feedstocks in the AD industry, and we at Future Biogas are really excited about being at the forefront of this technology. Please get in touch if you would like more information.