Since we commissioned our first plant in 2009, we have now generated over 1 billion kWhs of biogas at our anaerobic digestion plants around the country.  The milestone also coincided with our Managing Director’s birthday!


Philipp Lukas, MD and founder of Future Biogas, stated: “This marks a significant milestone for the company, to be the first operator of AD plants in the UK to have reached this figure is no small achievement. It is a testament to all those who have worked so hard to achieve this, not just those that we employ directly but also all those who have supported us through our growth; our farming partners, landlords, funders, consultants and suppliers.  To achieve this has taken a lot of hard work by a great number of people, and demonstrates not just our consistent ability to operate proficiently but also the depth of experience we have developed across the company. It bodes well for our future.”

One billion kWhs of biogas is enough energy to either power 100,000 homes for an entire year or to heat sufficient water for 40 million hot showers.