Future Biogas has donated funds to the local community near to one of our sites to renovate the village’s antique fire engine. The fire engine at Redbourne was constructed in 1831 and has survived for over 186 years, but is now in need of some TLC to ensure its preservation.

fire engine1

The fire engine lives in the old Redbourne Fire Station in the village. It was designed to be pulled by 2 horses, and used in the local area throughout the 19th century. The Engine had fallen into a state of disrepair over the years and was in desperate need of restoration to conserve the engine for future generations.

Restoration works on the fire engine are underway. The wheels have been removed and sent to a local wheelwright for repair, and work has commenced on the main fire engine chassis. We’re looking forward to seeing the engine restored back to its former glory in the next couple of months.

fire engine2

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