Future Biogas is pleased to announce that it has signed a new management and operating services agreement (“MOSA”) with Vulcan Renewables Ltd for its gas-to-grid plant, for the duration of the plant’s remaining operating life. The MOSA was signed immediately subsequent to John Laing Environmental Assets Group (JLEN) acquiring the anaerobic digestion plant for £15.3million from Downing LLP, who provided the original funding.

Vulcan Renewables, located near Doncaster and originally developed by Future Biogas, was one of the first commercial gas to grid projects in the UK and commissioned in 2013. It has consistently operated at or above its design output and served as a blueprint for many other National Grid (now Cadent) biomethane connections. 

Philipp Lukas, MD of Future Biogas, said ‘It’s really pleasing to enter into this relationship with JLEN, one of the largest environmental infrastructure funds, and we look forward to further building our relationship as JLEN look to expand their portfolio of anaerobic digestion plants. The purchase price is based on performance to date and the quality of the built plant, and it reflects the expertise of our operations, maintenance and feedstock team. It is pleasing that we will continue to supply our full operations service to the plant, and reassuring to see well operated and managed plants being traded at a fair value. This is consistent with our belief that strong operations are the key differentiating factor in being able to deliver value to investors.’