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"Biogas generates more power per acre than any other current bioenergy"

Biogas Feedstocks

Any organic material can be used successfully within the AD process. However, biogas plants are tailored to suit different feedstocks to maximise efficiency. Farming break crops are very effective in generating renewable energy efficiently whilst supporting UK farmers to diversify sustainably.

Feedstocks such as food processing residues can also be used and biogas plants offer an effective means of managing the UK’s waste production. Although these feedstocks do not offer break crop opportunities to farmers, they do generate natural fertilisers, which can be spread on farmland.

Future Biogas is actively working on introducing a variety of sustainable break cropping feedstocks including wildflower mixes, HLS grass, sunflower and red clover mixes with ryegrass. On marginal land, less suitable for food production there are also possibilities of growing perennial crops offering significant biodiversity benefits whilst delivering excellent biogas yields.

Farmers supplying our biogas plants have highlighted a number of benefits of growing specific crops for AD as it fits in well with most rotations either acting as a break to cereals or providing stubble for vegetables. Farmers have also been able to grow our crop feedstocks for biogas production after late lifted vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and sugar beet.

If you would like to know more about the farming benefits of biogas feedstocks please Contact us now.

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