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Farmers and Landowners

Farm-based anaerobic digestion (AD) presents itself as an opportunity for UK farmers, growers and land managers to address the dual issues of climate change and food security through the supply of renewable energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and support for the agriculture sector generally.

Our plants convert a wide range of organic material into clean, renewable energy such as electricity, heat or green gas, which is injected into the UK’s national gas network. The biogas process also produces an important natural biofertiliser, rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. This can be used to replace inorganic mineral fertiliser, the production of which requires significant energy input. This provides further additional benefits in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Typically, biofertiliser is more available for plant uptake than traditional inorganic mineral fertilisers, thereby reducing wastage when applying valuable nutrients to soils. This offers benefits in terms of improving efficiency of fertiliser application and also reduces the risk of leaching and run off.

Farmers supplying biomass to our biogas plants can sustainably improve their choice of crop rotation, whilst benefiting from a valuable natural fertiliser in return.

Future Biogas is actively seeking farmers or landowners interested in installing a biogas plant. If you would like to know more or speak to us in directly, please Contact Us now. We look forward to hearing from you.