Our newest plant at Rainworth Energy in Nottinghamshire has been awarded the title of Best On Farm AD Plant at the ADBA Awards.

The UK Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas awards take place each July and celebrate the best of biogas, both in the UK and around the world.

UKAD & BIOGAS Awards 2017 The Vox Birmingham 05.07.17 ©Steve Pope - Fotowales
UKAD & BIOGAS Awards 2017

The judges awarded the title to our plant due to its innovative approach involving several partners, making the best use of feedstocks, and helping partners to operate in a more climate smart way and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The plant powers the nearby Center Parcs Sherwood Forest, supplying approximately 85% of overall electricity use at the village. A retro fitted district heating system also installed as part of the project supplies the majority of the village’s centralised heat use.

The plant also supplies electricity to the neighbouring layer farm, which in turn supplies the chicken manure processed in the plant to generate biogas.

As well as reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our partners, the plant has also commissioned the first commercially deployed Economizer in the world. This ground-breaking technology now supplies almost 50% of the plants biogas from just 8,000 tonnes of farm residues, principally straw.

We’re really proud of this project and it’s great to see the hard work of all of those involved being recognised by industry at large.