End to End Project Delivery

Future Biogas has a proven track record in developing, constructing and installing high-performing AD plants that have a consistency in their robust design and technology.

We have taken 12 plants through to successful operations. In many cases our skill has allowed us to find solutions for projects where other developers would have stalled.

Our Development Expertise

Our expertise in developing AD plants includes:

  • Site screening and feasibility
  • Site design
  • Planning permission
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Acting as principal contractor
  • Construction management
  • Gas and electrical grid connections

Our construction team has managed a range of different projects, including crop-only plants, more complex waste plants, district heating systems and private power supplies.

Expansion and Optimisation

As one of the largest AD operators in the UK and having successfully built 12 biogas plants, Future Biogas has a wealth of experience in running and maintaining biogas plants at the highest level. With high plant uptimes and a dedicated and experienced team of engineers and technicians, Future Biogas is in a prime position to optimise plants that other operators are having less success running.