In accordance with the government guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19, Future Biogas has carried out Covid-19 risk assessments for the workplaces within its business (which include offices, AD biogas plants and site office facilities). Future Biogas has consulted its employees when preparing Covid-19 Risk Assessments.
In accordance with the government guidance, this document sets out a summary of some of the key measures taken by Future Biogas as a result of the Covid-19 Risk Assessments.

We have adopted cleaning, hygiene and handwashing procedures in line with the government guidance.

We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain the required social distance in our workplaces.

Where the required social distance cannot be maintained (for example where first aid needs to be administered), we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk.

We have introduced floor markings and guidance signs in our workplaces.

We have suspended all unnecessary visits by external parties to our workplaces until further notice, and enabled colleagues to hold virtual meetings and conference calls.

Employees are assigned the same vehicle, or where this is not possible we are helping them to travel safely in line with Government guidance.

We have enabled our employees to work from home in order to minimise unnecessary attendance at our offices. A gradual return to the office will commence when appropriate.

Our customer work is undertaken in compliance with our procedure for operating under COVID-19 (including, for example, the use of appropriate PPE in certain circumstances).

We are using signage and regular electronic communications with our employees to communicate and, where required, update our Covid-19 guidance.

We regularly review both our Covid-19 Risk Assessments and the resulting measures taken to make sure we keep up to date with changes in Government guidance.

Our complete risk assessment is available upon request.