Following the acquisition of Vulcan Renewables Ltd. in 2017, Future Biogas are delighted to announce JLEN’s further investment to significantly expand the AD plant’s biomethane generating capacity.

The plant extension will be carried out by Future Biogas and will involve converting the existing storage tank to a primary digester, providing for separate digestate storage, installing an additional biomethane upgrading unit, together with associated engineering, electrical and civil works. The construction works are expected to complete in late 2019. Operations will continue throughout this period with no expectation of significant downtime.

Richard Morse, the JLEN Chairman, said “We are pleased with our initial investments in the anaerobic digestion sector, and this expansion project is a good opportunity to build out our capability at the Vulcan Renewables AD plant. It represents our first investment in a construction project, and we have taken care to understand and limit the risks involved, including through the choice of Future Biogas as our delivery partner. We are looking forward to a successful delivery and enhanced revenues once completed.”