The complete service provider

Maintenance and Engineering

Our expertise means we consistently achieve high plant up-times across the 10 plants we operate. An operations team of over 40 skilled engineers, technicians and operators ensures we achieve this high level of efficiency. We also maintain a dedicated CHP servicing team to look after the 13 Jenbacher engines allowing us to bring response times down to as little as an hour.

We operate and maintain all the plants to an exceptionally high standard. Each plant has a dedicated team of on-site operators, supported by a regional team of engineers and maintenance technicians, all highly skilled in plant maintenance, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and health and safety.

Regulatory and Compliance


Our in-house policy team is highly experienced in securing tariffs. Our background with both the Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is expansive and includes securing;

  • Feed in Tariff – Combined Heat and Power units (CHPs)
  • Feed in Tariff – Organic Rankine Cycle generators (ORCs)
  • Renewable Heat Incentive – Biomethane injection
  • Renewable Heat Incentive – Biogas combustion

Our experience reflects the different range of sites developed to date including district heating systems, feedstock pre-treatment, digestate drying and private electrical supplies to factories and offices.

We also have significant expertise with ongoing compliance and obligations. Sustainability reporting requirements have expanded in recent years and in response we developed a new bespoke biomethane greenhouse gas calculator in conjunction with a large consultancy. This is now used industry wide.


Three of the plants we operate use farm or processing wastes meaning they require a permit from the Environment Agency. As well as compiling and submitting the applications to secure these permits, we manage all of their ongoing compliance requirements.

Our close links with Trade Associations and Government also mean we are on top of current and upcoming policy issues and we have been involved in industry led best practice on farming schemes, health and safety, planning and voluntary guidelines for crop feedstocks.

In-House Biology Team

Our in-house biology team are constantly monitoring feedstocks, samples of digester contents, and digestate outputs, maximising the efficiency of the digestion process and providing the optimum mix for high gas yields.

Health and Safety

The health, safety and welfare of our people and everyone involved in our operations is of primary importance to Future Biogas. We have a commitment to ensure that it is safe to work throughout our organisation, and comply with all current applicable legislation and published guidelines in order to safeguard all of our people.


Sound environmental practice is key to all we do. We consistently review our environmental targets and update our methodology in line with advances in technology and the latest learnings of environmental science.


Future Biogas is proud to develop people. You can find out more about our apprenticeships in the We Care section.