As a company producing green energy we take our commitment to the environment, our people and the wider community very seriously.


We believe that biodiversity on and around all of our plants should be higher than before the site was developed. Each of our plants has a policy of positive biodiversity management and by planting native species we work to encourage birds, bees and wildlife key to the area.

We create dedicated biodiversity areas on site, such as a thriving pond at one of our plants in Norfolk, and we target particular species for conservation. At our Doncaster site we have been tending to a pair of nesting Kestrels who have recently given birth to some young.

Our People

Training and Apprenticeships

We place great importance on training and equipping our people for the future. We aim to add to the skill sets of all our operators and engineers with a combination of targeted training and regular meetings to share best practice.

Alongside our keen focus on health and safety we are focused on training a valued task force. We also have a passion to grow the next generation of AD operators and currently have 4 apprentices on the team who joined us in 2018.


We believe it is important to support others that are doing good in the wider community, and to that end we have focused on a number of charities including, Veterans for Life, Cardiac Risk in the Young and Moth in a China Shop, a charity which provides support in areas where sport and nutritional awareness are not well established.